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Code Snippets

With snippets below you can extend widget's functionality. Here are a few examples on how to use our Tidio Widget API.

Open chat widget on link click#

To do this you need to add an attribute to link as shown in the code below.

<a href="#" onclick="">Open chat!</a>

Load chat widget after a while#

The script below will allow loading the widget with a certain delay (5 seconds by default).

setTimeout(function () {    var tidioScript = document.createElement('script');    tidioScript.src = '//';    document.body.appendChild(tidioScript);}, 5 * 1000);

Open widget after load#

The script below will make the chat appear fully expanded as soon as it loads on your site.

(function () {    function onTidioChatApiReady() {;    }    if (window.tidioChatApi) {        window.tidioChatApi.on('ready', onTidioChatApiReady);    } else {        document.addEventListener('tidioChat-ready', onTidioChatApiReady);    }})();

Widget language#

If you have multilanguage site and want to widget match site's langauge you can set it by document.tidioChatLang property.

Set language from html attribute#

Script gets language from html lang attribute and write it to document.tidioChatLang variable.

document.tidioChatLang = document.querySelector('html').getAttribute('lang');

Set language with other variable#

If you want to display chat only in one language or you have it in another place please use the snippet below.

document.tidioChatLang = 'es';