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Listeners / Events

Fully loading Tidio Chat#

(function() {  function onTidioChatApiReady() {    // Code after chat loaded  }  if (window.tidioChatApi) {    window.tidioChatApi.on("ready", onTidioChatApiReady);  } else {    document.addEventListener("tidioChat-ready", onTidioChatApiReady);  }})();

This function triggers only when Tidio Chat is fully loaded. Once it's up, you'll be able to use the methods below.

Other events#

Widget have other events using which you can subscribe with a listener.

The events are as follows: setStatus, messageFromOperator, messageFromVisitor, conversationStart, preFormFilled, resize, open, close.

conversationStart will trigger on the first message from visitor which wasn't handled by an automation. Event can trigger again for the same visitor if his/her last message is older than 1 day.