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Visitor Identification

Thanks to Visitor Identification, you'll be able to connect the data from your system with Tidio Chat.

Defining visitor data#

To define visitor details while loading the page, you need to paste in the JavaScript code from below, just before the chat code. This will fetch the user details from your system and fill them in Tidio Chat.

document.tidioIdentify = {  distinct_id: "unique_id", // Unique visitor ID in your system  email: "contact@mail", // visitor email  name: "John Doe", // Visitor name  phone: "+44 2032897807" //Visitor phone};

This functionality can merge the conversations with the same visitor in the admin panel.

All fields are optional.

distinct_idUnique ID in your System for visitor"string" or number
emailuser Email"string", email format required
nameVisitor name"string"
phonePhone number"string", area code required, format +44 2032897807

If you identify your visitors via distinct_id it's advisable to consider implementing a more complex ID format, such as UUIDv4.

Updating visitor data#

You can update visitor data only after the Tidio Chat code is loaded.

tidioChatApi.setVisitorData({  email: "",  city: "Denver",   country: "US",  tags: ["tag1", "tag2"]});

This function won’t merge the conversations with the same visitor in the admin panel.

Remember! If the email defined in document.tidioIdentify will differ from the one triggered through tidioChatApi.setVisitorData, the system will replace the first one after refreshing the page.

You can use a separate function to add tags to your visitor. Adding the same tag twice will not duplicate it (tags work as a set - meaning the values are unique).

tidioChatApi.addVisitorTags(["tag1", "tag2"]);